IMD 2019

Early Bird Special Offer

The best moments of IMD 2019 available in Video Ride & Ride. 

From Wednesday, February 6 it will be possible to pre-order in Early Bird mode everything you see and listen to IMD!

So you can choose between the total package of the Rides or the one of the videoride or, even better, the total package of the event!

Be careful, however, not to waste time!

Downloads in Early Bird are limited: only 100! Only those who pre-order will have the chance to have everything!

Downloads will be available immediately after the ride!

Even those who will be present in Livorno, will have the opportunity to buy all IMD2019 Packages directly on the spot, at the shop that I will be set up at Pala Modigliani!

Rides are only available in MP3 format in a single track just to preserve the professionalism of the work of the Master Intructors and keep its original design.

Early Bird Special Price (20% Off)

Full package Ride € 72
Full Package Ride + Videoride € 120

Sunrise The Ride

Are you ready for a beautiful and energetic start to your day?

This is a new addition to IMD - an incredible awakening experience that takes the amazing power of a sunrise as your fuel to ride into a new day.

Feel the shades of night slip away as dawn settles in and brings the breath of new life!

Beppe Meglio and Francesco Sivieri will guide you into a sensational sunrise filled with captivating spirit and explosive emotion!

Sunset The Ride

The breath of new life comes with the SUNRISE of every morning, but when the burning sun starts to fall below the horizon something unique and magical happens...the light begins to explode and dance with vivid and amazing color in anticipation of the night!

Join Josh Taylor and Luciana Marcial-Vincion in a special IMD evening event that celebrates the SUNSET! This will be a Spinning® journey that will empower you to push beyond your limits and embrace each opportunity to its fullest. 

Star The Ride

“Everyone is an artist. Everyone is talented at something. But not everyone has something to say.” Jackson Maine, A Star is Born.

You are a Spinning® instructor, and you became one because YOU have something to say! This is what makes you different.

You have a message for the world, and every time you clip in to the pedals and turn on your microphone you have a chance to literally change the path of life for your students - to lift them up, to help them soar, to give them wings, to uncover their radiance.

Be the STAR you were meant to be, shining brightly for others so they are inspired to become their own illuminating STARS!

Ride with Luciana through both the light and the dark in a beautiful visual journey - unveil your inner brilliance! 

NITRO: Power & Passion

This is a special Latin fire combination! With amazing intervals, blocks of explosive nitro of power with different acting wicks, it’s the perfect combination for your passion.

Dino and Robbie will deliver the heat, and Rodrigo will balance the fire and force to create the best explosive mixture!

North Meets South

Storm in the Dutch North Sea plus silent and steep climbs in the Alps. 

Once you have experienced different riding terrains and intensities you know what flexibility, speed and strength are about. 

In extreme situations like a storm in the North Sea, you will be faced with quick accelerations and movement changes. 

So be careful and pay attention to the waves and direction of the wind. 
The Alps can demand everything and because of the steeper terrain, more focus and silence is required. 

Let Andre and Martin be your guides to conduct you safely and challenge you through a diverse series of outstanding sensations!

To dare (Osare)

Can you dare to be the best you can be?

In this time trial challenge you will be faced with strenuous flats and unbreakable hills, requiring all your strength, stamina and speed!

Call upon all your rockstar skills to navigate through the tough terrain and to ride with big power. You will need to find the best version of yourself; the one that wants to improve and chase your dreams.

Dare to climb, dare to race, dare to win!