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Music Voyager 04/2020


CD04 - Falco Project - The SPINPower® Ride

An extraordinary path for a SPINPower® workout with a Peak Power Value of 60 minutes to drink all in one breath under the sounds of the Onda Rock project.

A very unique and surprisingly Rock music component to offer the cyclist an additional stimulus to reach his peak power in an hour.

While the SPINPower™ Zones offer a range of works that represent specific energy systems in relation to the PST, the peak power provides the cyclist with feedback on optimal relative strength over various durations, in this 
case one hour.

Born from an idea of MI Francesco Sivieri (ITA)
All Tracks Under NyMa DJ Vision per Onda Rock 
Onda Rock is an extraordinary Project of Francesco Sivieri (ITA) & NyMa DJ (ITA) 

  Running time 60'00"

  SPINPower®  Training

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Audio Format mp3
Tracks 11

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001 - Gotan Oldfield Intro (NyMa DJ Rmx)
002 - Messia Gamma (NyMa DJ Rmx)
003 - Zen Amedeus (NyMa DJ Rmx)
004 - Run Like Hell (NyMa DJ Extraordinary Rmx)
005 - Kan Kan (NyMa DJ Onda Rock Rmx)
006 - I Feel Egyptian (NyMa DJ Rmx)
007 - Shape On My Great Pattern (NyMa DJ Rmx)
008 - Etno Sirius (NyMa DJ Rmx)
009 - Aufraumen Melody (NyMa DJ Vision per Onda Rock)
010 - Truly Madly Deeply (NyMa DJ Rmx)
011 - Perfect Symphony (Stretch NyMa DJ X-Mas Gift)


  • 1. - Gotan Oldfield Intro (98 Beats NyMa DJ Rmx)
  • 2. - Messia Gamma (100 Beats NyMa DJ Rmx)
  • 3. - Zen Amedeus (102 Beats NyMa DJ Rmx)
  • 4. - Run Like Hell (106 Beats NyMa DJ Extraordinary Rmx)
  • 5. - Kan Kan (87 Beats NyMa DJ Onda Rock Rmx)
  • 6. - I Feel Egyptian (136 Beats NyMa DJ Rmx)
  • 7. - Shape On My Great Pattern (97 Beats NyMa DJ Rmx)
  • 8. - Etno Sirius (140 Beats NyMa DJ Rmx)
  • 9. - Aufraumen Melody (142 Beats NyMa DJ Vision per Onda Rock)
  • 10. - Truly Madly Deeply (84 Beats NyMa DJ Rmx)
  • 11. - Perfect Symphony (Stretch NyMa DJ X-Mas Gift)

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